Follow the money workshop at Medea, Malmö University

medea wsh

On 13/1 2015 the City Fables project held a ”Follow the money” workshop at Medea, Malmö University. In the workshop we presented our work, discussed the rhetoric of economics, the shady flow of big money and big data and the local implications of such global flows. Furthermore, we jointly reflected on media strategies and counter-strategies for making the theme visible in artistic and critical ways. 

Participating was 12 people, from various background, with an interest in the themes of tax-evasion.

The workshop was also the first occasion to experiment with the spatial arrangements for debate and how we can activate new media interventions such as for example the personality test ”Animal spirits”, which is a quiz in the format of an iPhone app, playing with the notion of humans as not being rational economic beings. Another performative event during the workshop was the puppet theatre, where the animal dolls, made by Mamak Babakrad, performed two plays where they read different economical documents and tried to make sense of them.

A good debate with a focus on the local persepectives on tax-evasion was held at the end of the workshop.