Memory Fables

Memory Fables is a subproject in City Fables devoted to exploring historical moments that serve as a counterpoint to the stories and realities of contemporary Malmö. Primarily, the time period that we study span the 1910s, 20s and 30s since it was a time of important upheavals and nation-shaping events , such as, the bombing of the ship Amalthea in 1908, and the so called Dyrtidsdemonstrationen (Poverty demonstrations) in 1917, and the Möllevångskravallerna (Möllevången demonstrations) in 1926 (information in Swedish here and here

However, we are more interested in seeing these large scale historical events through the eyes of real, semi-fictionalized or fully fictional individuals. Similar to a cinematic or novelistic gesture of allowing the individual to echo the grandiose and large-scale, we are interested in working through characters’ view points. 

Team: Per Linde, Maria Engberg, Johan Salo, Fredrik Emmerfors


During the spring 2016, interaction design students at Malmö University worked with the Memory Fables strand as a case study for locative media design. Below some documentation photos from this work.

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