City Fables as a project is interested in how projections, fables and fictions can influence the negotiation and the formation of official as well as minor or personal histories of the city throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. The stories studied and created include contemporary documents and historical projections. We engage in fables and fictions as a method of creation and research. Our process of “fabling” combines a careful use of documents with creative fictionalizing.

The project involves forms of collaborative and shared storytelling, through both fictive and documentary forms, in the urban environment. We aim to gain insight into how citizens can place themselves into various urban “scapes” or “imaginaries” by playing along with them or by countering them. The aim of the project is to conduct several experimental productions and interventions where the project group collaborates with citizens and groups living in Malmö.

The two current subprojects or themes are:  Follow the Money |  Memory Fables